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Group tours and bus trips — relaxing, enjoyable and stress-free.


Go with a friend, a group of friends, or go alone and meet new friends. Bus trips are a wonderful way to see new places or re-visit old haunts without the worry of driving.


Marianne has over one million miles of bus tour experience and she organizes trips to take you sightseeing, shopping, or traveling.


Cross-border shopping trips, the leaves in the autumn, Mennonite Country and more. Watch for the latest trips right here... or contact Marianne to find out what's in the works!


And... don't forget about group tours to Europe, the Orient, the Middle East, deepest, darkest Africa, and around the World.


Marianne will arrange your trip on land, sea, or in the air.


Looking for adventure? Book a tour with Go Adventures and live the excitement.


Ask Marianne for details.










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